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Lacto vegetarian to vegan

February 13, 2017

I’ve been a lacto vegetarian all my life. If you didn’t click the link – it basically means – I eat no meat or eggs, but eat milk and milk products. That’s what I was for a good 30+ years of my life.

After coming to the USA though and finding out about vegan-ism, learning more about the dairy industry and then moving to Seattle where there are plenty of vegan options – I’ve been making this gradual change to a dairy free diet over the last few months. I’m not there yet, its hard to switch after 30 years, and loving food cooked a certain way 🙂 – but I’m nearly there, and personally I’m a little proud of having accomplished that.

I switched to Non-Dairy milk (Wildwood, Silk, Trader Joe’s), Non-Dairy yoghurt (Kite Hill, Nancy and recently Forager), Oil based butter (Earth Balance) and Vegan Cheese (Follow Your heart). I do use other brands as well, but the point being – there’s plenty of alternatives and my food (I do cook quite a bit) tastes just as good.

That apart, I’ve been using synthetic materials for shoes, jackets and any of my clothing needs. Last month I bought a pair of synthetic warm socks (Wrightsock) so I can slowly give away my Smartwool socks and stop subsidizing the wool industry.

There’s trace elements of milk in some of the packaged food I consume, and it is kinda hard to get that out of my diet as well – but maybe some day, going forward – I’ll be able to do that too. I’m not sure how many options I’ll have if I go back to Mumbai, some day – but for now, I have them – so I’m trying 🙂


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  1. Akhil Sakpal permalink

    hahah.. talk about making your life a little more harder than it already is 😀

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